Jul 28

Heja – Apple finally verified the first update to version 1.2.0 which should turn up on your iPads within the next 24 hours.

This update gives you the following improvements:

  • long touch a menu-item brings up the context menu (if available) – this allows you for instance to put songs/albums to the end of the current playlist, but also do all the other nice stuff thats hidden behind the context menus
  • long touch the big album art on the right also brings up the context menu for the current playlist item
  • album and artistlist now have an index for faster navigation
  • you can see the current playlist for the current player under ‘my music’ (it’s the playlist menu as known from the Squeezebox-Touch). There you can also clear and safe the current playlist.

The next version 1.2.1 will be a bugfix/minor enhancement release to be submitted to Apple on 1st of August (add 10 days until Apple reviewed it):

  • Play on Spotify menus will work (with high probability this also solves the same problem with Napster menus)
  • support for authenticated servers
  • you’ll have a setting option to prevent your iPad to sleep when you watch a playing device
  • alarm volume can be changed
  • no problems with portrait mode and the settings screen anymore
  • a short tap on the menu title will go one menu up (if you don’t like the swipes)
  • selecting an item in the playlist will jump to this item (forgot that on the last release, sorry)

Don’t forget to vote for the next wanted feature – in about two weeks I’ll be starting development on the next bigger feature:

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