Aug 05

Apple seems to have had a good reviewing night. SqueezePad 1.2.1 is available now on the App-Store.

This is a minor bugfix/enhancement release with the following stuff:

  • navigating back now also possible with tap on menu-title (also added icon). swiping right of course still works as a hidden feature for everyone reading the full App-Description
  • support for authenticated Squeezebox-Servers (see new options on settings-screen)
  • new settings option: prevent sleep while playing
  • playlist menu: tapping a playlist entry now jumps to this playlist entry
  • fixed bugs in Spotify + Napster menus (tapping a track didn’t start to play)
  • fixed a bug with Spotify artwork on the ‘Now Playing’ part
  • default port 9000 automatically added on settings-screen, when no other port is given
  • alarm volume menu now working
  • better rendering of network errors on the ‘server disconnected screen’
  • don’t crash on invalid Spicefly Sugarcube settings menu
  • settings screen: solved issues with (unsupported) portrait mode
  • dismissing the keyboard on the search-screen now doesn’t search with empty string

Hope you enjoy it !!
For now I need a week of Not-Programming-On-SqueezePad-In-The-Night (but support of course still is there) – then I’ll start with the next big feature ? What will it be ?

Lets see … … currently looks like you get a great facility for playlist management … I’ll leave the pool open for this very last week !

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