Sep 17

So today we are going to change the looks of SqueezePad completely … how about this:

all squeezebox context menus

This new design looks so awesome – I don’t now anymore how I could even live with the old one !

So let us now observe a minute’s silence in memory of the old design – this screenshot will be the last one you see from it:

all squeezebox context menus

7 Antworten zu “A new look for SqueezePad”

  1. Goobi sagt:

    Stunning new look. Has 3 dimensional appearance. Pleasure to use. Well done

  2. René sagt:

    Fantastic new release, just the features I have missed in the previous version. Thanks and go on!!

  3. L sagt:

    Great new look. Can’t wait for the improved playlist interface.

  4. Chris B sagt:

    There is much to love in the new improvements, and as somebody with a very large library and our different squeeze devices, the utility is essential. I would make only one strong criticism – it takers far too may clicks to get to the current playlist, and yet, getting to the current playlist, both to see songs, and administer changes, are very common.

    Can I please suggest, apropos your recent addition of hot keys on the main play screen (artists, albums, etc), that you add a hotkey/ icon to see the current playlist onto the main play screen, alongside the albums hockey, for example?

    Thank you, and keep up the great work on making this the premier app of it’s kind.
    Chris Biscoe

  5. stefan sagt:

    Hi Chris,
    playlists will become first class citizens in the next version of SqueezePad ! Current idea is to have a dedicated button on the right to move in a playlist from there (so you won’t lose your position in the menu).
    There you’ll be able to reorder tracks … and … maybe … one version later … you can even drag and drop stuff from the menu on the left to the playlist on the right.
    So that’s the plan – lets see how fast I can keep going …

  6. Harald sagt:

    Great, the new look was the only missing thing for me,

    Best regards, hari

  7. Steve sagt:

    Love the new look but I really hate the way the track titles are displayed in different font sizes – I appreciates it enables you to display more of the title but it looks untidy and not in keeping with the sophisticated appearance of the rest of the app.

    Maybe you could make the individual title scroll once when it’s clicked on? Anything would be better than the different font sizes! 🙂