SqueezePad is the preeminent controller for your Logitech Squeezebox. This smooth operating, fast and intuitive controller for your Squeezebox will provide you with complete remote control from your iPad. An upgrade allows music streaming directly to your iPad as well. An unbeatable price tag to get full control of your Squeezebox!

Go grab it on the AppStore or watch it on YouTube (video1 + video2)!


SqueezePad is … SMOOTH!


  • awesome looks: well that’s obvious when you look at the screenshots
  • smooth transitions and animations: As to be expected from a real iPad App, SqueezePad supports menu transitions, smooth scrolling and animations.
  • volume + progress popups: when changing volume or progress of a song, you get popups telling you the actual values. So stop guessing your desired values today with using SqueezePad
  • SqueezePad shows the original Squeezebox™ menus as you already know them from your device. No need to learn other paths – you’ll find your way around instantly!
    Those menu also give you access to all the additional music services: Pandora, Napster, Spotify, Last.FM, Deezer … everything is there where you’d expect it.
  • screensaver mode: Tap the big cover-art and SqueezePad switches to a screensafer mode. Now you get even bigger cover art on your iPad and can leave it in the dock or on a stand. This makes SqueezePad a great Information Screen for your next party. Screensafer Mode supports both landscape and portrait orientation.

SqueezePad is … FAST!

  • instant player selection: a simple touch on the player in the top left shows an instant popup menu. Experience how fast player switching can really be.
  • cached menus and album art: when you browse the artist or albums menu, their content (with images) is saved. On every subsequent visit the lists are instantly available until the next rescan automatically invalidates the cache.
  • preloaded playlist: a big chunk of your playlist is preloaded and available on the right hand side of the screen. No waiting times when you want to take a peek at the future songs in your playlist.
  • instant alphabetical index and smooth scrolling: the alphabetical index updates the album and artist list already when you just drag your finger over it.
  • shortcuts to most used functions: on the bottom bar you have buttons for artist, albums, internet radio and favorites menu. Also common playlist function (Load, Save, Clear) have their own buttons.

SqueezePad has … PLAYBACK!

squeezebox playback on iPad

  • stream music to your iPad: now your iPad becomes a small player on its own, and is able to stream your local music or internet radio stations. You’ll find this feature as an in app purchase in the players menu.
  • many supported formats: SqueezePad has native suport for mp3, FLAC, aac, alac, wav, aiff, pcm. With the help of your Squeezebox Server you can also stream OGG-files to your iPad (it will convert them automatically to either WAV or MP3). If your Squeezebox Server runs on a Windows machine, even WMA-files are supported!
  • gapless playback and synchronization: SqueezePad will preload the next song in the playlist, so that it will start without any delay. Also the full synchronization protocol of the Squeezeboxes are implemented.
  • many supported Apps: Last.FM, Deezer or WiMP are supported out of the box.
    Spotify works with the help of triodes plugin installed in Squeezebox-Server.
    SiriusXM should be working with a Windows based server.
    Rhapsody, Napster and Pandora are not working due to licensing issues

Please be aware that Logitech blocks direct streaming access to MySqueezebox.com.
You will need to run a Squeezebox-Server to use the playback feature.

SqueezePad’s got … easy playlist control!

You can access the playlist with the small button on the top right. Tap it or drag it – and the playlist will move into view.

Here you will see the covers of your entries, title and artist name nicely rendered.
Use the small handles to reorder songs, swipe left or right to delete them … or just tap to select them.

Last but not least: loading, saving or clearing playlists is as easy as everything else in SqueezePad
(though loading and saving only works for users with a dedicated Squeezebox-server).

Context menus at your fingertip

A long touch on a menu item, the big coverart or a playlist entry brings up the context-menu . This allows you to put songs/albums to the end of the current playlist.
Context menu are also the place where most SqueezeBox-plugins put their additional content – don’t miss the great additions you can get with plugins like ‘Biography’ , ‘Album Review’ or ‘Information Screen’ .

Integrated Web-Browser

If you are like me, music is not only about the tunes, but also about bands and artists.Unfortunately always looking them up and learning about them is (was) a tedious task … open the browser, surf to your favorite search engine, enter your keywords … and if you want to look somewhere else start all over.
SqueezePad comes with an integrated browser ready to look up all relevant content about your currently playing song, artist or their album with a simple tap.

You’ve never been faster looking up your music! SqueezePad comes with a wealth of pregenerated links to Wikipedia, Google, YouTube, Last.FM, AllMusic, Facebook and many more. You cannot miss the new browser feature – just use the new button below the playlist button to the right.
More pictures about it  can be found in the following post.

Other stuff

  • SqueezePad supports authenticated servers
  • Settings Menu including setting up your alarms
  • (optional) prevent iPad sleep when playing
  • Localization: 98% of all text comes from your SB-Server and is localized
  • Player syncing through the native Squeezebox-Interface on the settings-menu
  • Wake-On-Lan for your server
  • Automatic server detection in your own network
  • touching the album art icon on the menu starts playing the album
  • playlist modification mode: configure SqueezePad to only add songs at the and of the playlist (or as the next song). Serves you well on parties were you don’t want a single tap to erase the playlist
  • SqueezePad shows players from other server and allows you to switch them among servers
  • SqueezePad supports a direct connection to MySqueezebox.com if you don’t own a local server


Supports SqueezeBox-Server from v7.4 to v7.7, to be downloaded from http://www.mysqueezebox.com/download.
Also supports direct connection to MySqueezebox.com if you don’t own a local server.