Oct 12

Up until now playlist management was ‘just’ the same as on a Squeezbox Touch.

But we can do a lot better of course 😀

How about this one:

You can access the playlist with the small button on the top right. Tap it or drag it – and the playlist will move into view.

Finally you can see the covers of your entries, title and artist name nicely rendered.
Use the small handles to reorder songs, swipe left or right to delete them … or just tap to select them.

Of course you can also start a context-menu with a long touch … and this is where the fun really starts. Now you can easily browse your library based on the current playlist – show songs from the same artist or the same year – read the Biography (if the corresponding plugin is installed).

Last but not least: loading, saving or clearing playlists is as easy as everything else in SqueezePad.

Along this main feature, the following things have changed as well:

  • if you change the volume or use the slider to change to song position, a small popup shows you the current and future value
  • when running against a local server, menus are now localized in the language you configured on the server. This gives access to languages like Swedish, Norwegian, Polish or Czech for most of the UI
  • rendering of menu-items with covers and long text have been improved. This improves WiMP and Napster menus very much for instance
  • rendering of cover art was improved. The aspect-ratio is not changed anymore so menus from BBCiPlayer or WiMP look much better.

13 Antworten zu “SqueezePad v1.5.0 reworks the playlists”

  1. L sagt:

    Absolutely love the new playlist functionality. At this point Squeezepad incorporates nearly all the functionality I could hope for! I do notice the performance improvements on the menus, making the app feel smoother than the previous version in general.

    I’m hoping at some point you make a simple portrait mode; it doesn’t need to be as functional as landscape mode for me, just the ability to quickly enter the program, change the track or pause it, and leave. Perhaps that functionality can be part of the multitask bar like Pandora is on the iphone?

    Great work! Worth every penny.

  2. stefan sagt:

    Hi L,
    I don’t intend to do a full fledged portrait mode … to much more ideas for landscape that wouldn’t fit into a portrait orientation.

    Nevertheless: I do plan to create means to start/stop/rewind/skip the song on the screensafer mode (which supports portrait).
    So in your case you would start SqueezePad in portrait, ignore the it being in landscape and tap the big cover to move to the screensaver where you would have the simple controls you’d need in the right orientation.


  3. Martin sagt:

    This is exactly how I like a playlist implemented!

    After hardly being able to put down my ipad since I installed Squeezepad this morning I have a couple of wishes…

    1. It would be very nice to have a default choice for what happens when I touch a song after searching or browsing. Now the default choice is always “Play now”. This immediately erase my whole playlist and starts playing the track I pressed. This is seldom what I want (and quite irritating after queueing up a few tracks). An option to make the default choice “Enqueue” or “Play next” would be much better. The current default choice, “Play now”, could instead appear after a long press…

    2. Wake On Lan is sourly missing. Now I use Ipeng to start my player+server up, but that feels like a lousy workaround.

    3. Move the search function to the top of the screen, like in “App store” for example. Some settings for what to search in by default could make this a one touch operation! (I for example would like to search my local files and Spotify 99% of the time).

    Other than this short wishlist I find Squeezepad much more polished and logical to use than Ipeng. Ipeng is powerful, but buggy and with a very clumsy interface in comparison! Good work!

  4. stefan sagt:

    Hi Martin,

    I have very good news for you !
    #1 is finished already (on my development iPad)
    #2 is finished already (on my development iPad)

    I have a rough target to finish SqueezePad 1.6.0 on next friday. Then as always we need to wait for Apple a bit, but I guess in about two weeks you will like SqueezePad even more 😀

  5. Martin sagt:


    I’ve had my squeezebox collecting dust for the last couple of years (and especially since Spotify came around). But now it feels like a perfect solution again with your app as very nicely implemented (and evolving!) remote! 🙂

    Simplicity is definitely the way to go here, and it feels like you’ve really implemented that really nice with Squeezepad.

    Easily my best spent money on any ipad app yet!

  6. Kevin sagt:

    Hi I really love the squeezepad, but I would like to use the old playlist functionality, so if i select a new song, it will play immediately, and is not added at the end of the playlist. How can i organize this? In other words how can you set preferences for the playlist?

  7. stefan sagt:

    Hi Kevin, if you go to the settings screen (small button on t he lower right) there is a ‘playlist modification mode’ option. Here you have 4 options: play, add to end, play next and always ask.
    Just switch to your desired option!

    Have fun with SqueezePad
    Cheers Stefan

  8. Phil hulme sagt:

    Hi, I just bought squeeze pad today, after having bought ipeng yesterday. I was persuaded by the comments about full playlist control, but I’m finding playlist control awkward. I like the fact that the playlist you are adding to is visible, but I often want to update and grow a playlist – can the save filename default to the current playlists filename, or have a separate update button, that just updates the current playlist?


  9. stefan sagt:

    Hi Phil,
    SqueezePad uses the (Squeezebox-Server) name of the playlist when you save it.
    So if you load a named playlist (it’s name will then be visible in the header of the playlist window, rather than the neutral ‘playlist (x of y)’ ) and try to save it, the playlistname will be prefilled in the input box that asks you for the savename.

    If you start a new playlist then it unfortunately doesn’t get assigned a name by the Squeezebox-Server even if you save it once. So the field will stay empty.
    As a workaround you should just load the playlist after saving it the first time, before adding even more songs.

    Also don’t forget to check out the ‘playlist modification mode’ option on the settings screen of SqueezePad (little button on the bottom right). Here you can specify the default option (like “Always add to end”) which will help prevent wiping the playlist erroneously.

    Kind Regards

  10. Phil hulme sagt:

    Many thanks stefan, making progress now I’ve worked out how to load a full playlist by pressing for a second rather than just tapping.

    Any chance of a configuration option to replace the internet radio shortcut at the bottom of the main menus with playlists?

  11. stefan sagt:

    Hi Phil,

    I’m afraid that right now I don’t plan to make the shortcuts configurable.

  12. Björn sagt:

    I am REALLY missing the option “just play” in the options panel to mimic the old behaviour for us not interested in creating playlists,

  13. stefan sagt:

    Hi Björn,

    the option “always replace” is what you consider to be “just play”. It’s the default behaviour of the Squeezeboxes (i.e. when you select an item, the playlist gets wiped and the selected item starts to play).
    I just renamed it, so that it was more obvious what would happen when you select this option.