Nov 14

Only five weeks have passed since the last feature update … time for a new one, don’t you think ?

This release introduces:
– playlist protection
– album/artist/image-caching for your local library
– a reworked screensaver
– automatic server detection
– Wake-On-Lan
– iOS4.2 readyness
– some bugfixes

I also started a new vote to get priorities for the next features:

Let’s get into the details of the current release!

Playlist protection
Ever created a big playlist and with a single wrong tap just erased it? Now SqueezePad offers you a ‘playlist modification mode’ on the settings screen.
You can either choose to
– always replace the playlist (old behavior)
– always add songs to the end
– always add songs after the current playing song
– always have SqueezePad ask you

The last option is really nice if you don’t wan’t to decide beforehand how to populate the playlist. It’s also very nice for parties because your guest can decide on the fly.

Album/artist/image-caching for your local library
SqueezePad now keeps a cache for album-lists, artist-lists and album images of your local library.
The cache is only filled when you browse a menu the first time. If you enter the album or artist list a second time (even after a restart) they will appear immediately.
The cache will be flushed automatically when:
– you do a full rescan of your library
– you do a scan for new music and the album-,artist-, track- or genre-count changes
– you change the server-url or update your server

Furthermore you’ll find a button on the settings screen for clearing the cache if something is not right (this might be needed, if just some album covers changed).

A reworked screensaver
The screensafer now looks much nicer overall. Gone is the boring black background.
But more important: if you tap it a bar with some controls (play,stop, rewind, next and volume) appears on the top so you can use the most important stuff right from the screensafer.
This is very handy when you use your iPad with the screensaver in the dock and just want to skip a song.

Automatic server detection
When one starts SqueezePad the first time, it will automatically search and connect to your Squeezebox-Server. No more fiddling with IP and Ports on the settings-screen.
SqueezePad will remember the name of the server, so if just the IP changes SqueezePad will now adopt automatically.

On the settings screen there is also a ‘Search’ button, which will give a list of all found servers.

If one enters the MAC of the server on the settings-screen, SqueezePad will send a Wake-On-Lan packet to this server upon start and every five minutes.

iOS4.2 ready
iOS4.2 is on the doorsteps to your iPad. SqueezePad now fully supports multitasking once this feature is available for the iPad.

Other Bugfixes
– if you have an album with more than 100 tracks starting a track 100+ now works
– the progress bar is hidden again when playing streams (bug introduced in 1.5.1)
– SqueezePad doesn’t crash anymore when you enter invalid URLs on the settings-screen
– when you clear the playlist also the image of the last played song is cleared correctly
– erroneously selecting a track when closing the playlist is now much much harder

9 Antworten zu “SqueezePad 1.6.0 released”

  1. Andy sagt:

    Are you confident that Spotify is available via Squeezepad? (You say it on your YouTube video.) I do not think that the Squeezebox has Spotify functionality / app yet ? Correct me if I\’m wrong.

  2. stefan sagt:

    Hi Andy,

    yes Spotify can be used with Squeezebox and SqueezePad, when one installs the SqueezeBox Server (which is usually needed to stream local mp3) and the Spotify plugin (see here:
    You need a Spotify premium account for this to work of course.

    I know of several people who use Spotify this way.

  3. alx sagt:

    Damn. You could have specified that Spotify required the 3d part plugin. That was _NOT_ specified anywhere else. That plugin is not supported on the ARM processor, that a lot of NAS uses (my QNAP for example). So now I have bought your app that is of no use to me. Thank you very much.

  4. stefan sagt:

    Hi alx,

    sorry for the confusion caused. What part on my Website or App description made you think, that through my App your Squeezebox would start streaming stuff that it didn’t before.
    SqueezePad right now is just a remote control that supports anything that is supported by your Squeezebox (including Spotify for those who have it running already).

  5. alx sagt:

    Hi Stefan.

    I think you should specify it in the description on Appstore. They way I thought was that you somehow had integrated the two separate clients into one application. I really didn’t think so much about it, but since you say that it supports Spotify I just assumed that it did. And well, in a way it does. But to avoid confusion I just think you should be very clear what to conditions for running Spotify in your app are. Besides that I am very happy with your app.

  6. Steve Slatter sagt:

    Hi I’ve ordered an ipad 2 and will be buying your squeezepad from appstore. I’m not technical so need ask a few questions.

    1) My home office has 2 operating systems, linux server plus a 8 x PC’s networked each running XP.

  7. stefan sagt:

    Steve, your comment was cut. Best is to write directly to support(at), looks like a longer conversation 🙂

  8. Steve Slatter sagt:

    My present squeezebox server runs on my laptop running windows 7 which is wirelessly connected to my local network Linux server. My laptop does not run permanently rather only when I need it. Also on the network are 8 x PC all running XP.

    I have ordered an iPad 2 and intend buying your squeezepad app from the appstore.
    My question is – do I need load squeezebox server onto one of the networked PCs which run 24/7 or will your app do everything. The iPad will be on the same wireless network.

    Looking forward to your advices



  9. stefan sagt:

    will answer via mail !