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I’m getting some comments on the AppStore now that people  miss AirPlay integration (AirPlay is a streaming technology from Apple).
But guess what: it’s available already – just well hidden 🙂


  • To allow airplay streaming, the music needs to arrive on your iPad first. This is possible with the new playback feature of SqueezePad 1.7.x. After you have activated/bought it (use the ‘activate playback’ in the player selection popup in the top right of SqueezePad), switch over to your iPad and start some tunes.

Now let’s move this music over to your AirPlay devices !

  • do a double tap on the home button of your iPad (the button which typically closes the current running App).
    A bar with all running applications will appear on the bottom of the screen.
  • swipe right in the bottom bar – you will now see a new dock, which will allow you to turn on the screen-lock, change brightness, volume … and … if you have any airplay devices … a control to route the Audio to your AirPlay device.

Voilá !

Have fun …

50 Antworten zu “SqueezePad and AirPlay – this is how it works!”

  1. Charles jones sagt:

    Any way to buy streaming other than in app? I cannot get the in app purchase to work on 4.2.1 with iPad. Not jail broken so that’s not the problem. It seems lots of people are having problems with in app purchases on 4.2.1


  2. stefan sagt:

    Hi Charles, I’m afraid that currently there is no other way. I’ll be writing you a mail to ask you about your In-App-Purchase – maybe we can find something to make it work!

  3. buckethead sagt:

    i just bought squeezepad, and i love it. but i can not get the in app shop to work. i want to by the addon so i can use my ipad to stream my content. can you help.

  4. stefan sagt:

    Hi buckethead.
    Do you get any error message from the AppStore?
    Did you read the FAQ on my webpage, there is a section about problems with the InApp purchase?

  5. Buckethead sagt:

    Yes, I did read the FAQ. My issue is I can’t find where to by it in the squeeze pad app. I’ve looked everywhere in the app and icant find where I find an option to buy something. I checked and inapp sales are enabled. And no errors because I can’t find it. Thanks for your health.

  6. Buckethead sagt:


  7. stefan sagt:

    The button to activate playback is in the player selection window.
    Just tap the player symbol in the top left. The button is only visible, when connected to your own server.

  8. Michael sagt:

    I am trying to figure out how to stream to my iPad remotely;ie at work. Ripping to flac and want to ply. Zumocast really only mp3

    Does this work some how or is this a
    goose chase?

  9. stefan sagt:

    Hi Michael,
    sorry, didn’t find your comment earlier.

    I published a big tutorial about remote streaming over at my site http://www.squeezeplayer.com.
    This tutorial also works for SqueezePad.

  10. Michael sagt:

    I am trying to figure out how to stream to my iPad remotely;ie at work. Ripping to flac and want to ply. Zumocast really only mp3

    Does this work some how or is this a
    goose chase?

    Not sure is this got sent

  11. stefan sagt:

    Hi Michael, over at my new project ‘SqueezePlayer’ for Android I started a long tutorial on how to enable streaming via 3G.

    The same instructions also work for playback via iPad.

  12. Bez sagt:

    Hi is it possible to use Squeezepad to stream music from a Squeezebox server but no Squeezebox in between?

  13. stefan sagt:

    Hi Bez,

    yes this is possible indeed. I you buy the playback In-App purchase, SqueezePad will emulate a Squeezebox on its own.
    So it directly connects to the server and can receive/play the streams which you choose via the menus.

    Kind Regards

  14. Larry sagt:

    I own squeezebox3 and squeezepad which I enjoy. Is there (will there be?) any way to send YouTube or iTunes or other audio through this system? Can there be an AirPlay to squeezebox conversion bridge?


  15. stefan sagt:

    Hi Larry,
    for YouTube there is the marvellous YouTube plugin you can just install on your server. See here for further instructions: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=87731
    If you install the Squeezebox-Server on the computer with iTunes then all songs from iTunes will be available via Squeezepad too (that is: if you connect SqueezePad and your squeezebox3 to the SBS connected to iTunes).

    Receiving AirPlay streams and sending them to a Squeezebox won’t happen with SqueezePad unfortunately.
    This is reserved to hardware manufacturers paying licensing fees to Apple. With a price point of 10$ for SqueezePad (-30% Apple, -20% VAT, -30% taxes) my margin is not even close to a point where would think about licensing some third party stuff 😉 …

  16. John sagt:

    Can I please start at a beginning.
    I purchased squeeze pad in the belief I could stream music (iTunes etc) from iPad music folders.
    All I can use it for is controlling music from pc to squeezebox.
    In short, can I add music to squeeze pad from inside the iPad. If this is possible I cannot find a simple explanation on the web.

  17. stefan sagt:

    Hi John,

    what you want to achieve cannot be done with SqueezePad.
    The playback feature streams music from your Squeezebox-Server to your iPad => so your iPad acts like a further Squeezebox by itself.
    It’s then (optionally) able to forward the stream via AirPlay to any other AirPlay enabled device.

    Sorry if you misinterpreted the App description – I tried really hard that people cannot interpret it wrong – if you have any suggestion, what I should change, please don’t hesitate to tell me!

    Kind Regards

  18. Henrik sagt:

    Hi, how do i restore the in app purchase after the ios 5 update?

  19. stefan sagt:

    Hi Henrik,
    id it lost even after reinstalling the backup from iTunes?

    Anyway – the AppStore remembers all purchases.
    Just hit the ‘Buy’ button in SqueezePad again. If you use the same iTunes account as before, you won’t be charged twice but get a message that you already bought the item.
    This worked so far for all users (even those that upgraded from iPad1 to 2, so had a totally different iPad).

    Unfortunately the AppStore only realizes after you entered your credentials that the purchase was already made and as an App developer one cannot do better, then to render the ‘Buy’ button first.

    Hope this helps, have fun with SqueezePad.

  20. Zach sagt:

    Is there anything in the works that would allow for streaming music from my iPad as the music source? Alternatively, isn’t there a way around this by using Airport Express. Couldn’t AE function as the music server and, in turn, AE would be streaming the music from my iPad?


  21. stefan sagt:

    Hi Zach,

    I’m afraid turning an iPad into a Squeezebox-Server (which would be needed to stream content to the Squeezeboxes) right now is not on my roadmap.
    It’s also forbidden by Apple in their review guidelines: “Apps that do not use the MediaPlayer framework to access media in the Music Library will be rejected”.
    And when using MediaPlayer framwork, the tunes will only come out of the speakers anyway.

    As Squeezeboxes are not AirPlay compatible this wouldn’t work either.

    So no chance.

  22. Zach sagt:

    I meant AirPlay – not Airport Express.

  23. Sander sagt:

    I have activated the playback feature of squeezepad.
    Now the music stops now and then and the music will not synchronize with the ipad. how is that possible?

  24. stefan sagt:

    Hi Sander,

    could you give some more information about your system and environment.
    What version of the Squeezebox (or Logitech Media Server) are you using ? On what type of computer (NAS, Windows Box, …)
    What type of music files do you try to play (mp3, FLAC, something different?)
    How many and what Squeezeboxes do you own – are they all synchronized? Are they all connected via WLAN or are they wired?

    Please write your answers to support@squeezepad.com , it’s much easier for me to track progress there!
    Hope we get your issue resolved very fast!

    Kind Regards

  25. Mick sagt:

    Hi Stefan,
    I bought Squeezepad as soon as I got my iPad, what an absolutely great app, adding the ability to use the iPad as a player is the icing on the cake!
    I’ve recently replaced my WiFi only iPad to one with 3G and was wondering if I could play my music over 3G.
    I configured my broadband router to forward port 9000 traffic to my Squeezebox server but when I use Squeezepad, the iPad is not listed as a player, are ther other ports I need to configure too?

    Keep up the good work!

  26. stefan sagt:

    Hi Mick,

    yes – playback via 3G is possible as well.
    You need to forward port 3483 as well.

    I did write a huge tutorial about the whole topic for my Android App … you will find it here: http://www.squeezeplayer.com/2011/05/how-to-connect-via-3g/
    Most of the stuff written there applies to 3G playback in general – so can also be used as guidance for the iPad.

    Have a lot of fun with remote streaming!

  27. Marc sagt:

    Hi Stefan,

    Great app! Unfortunately, when I tried the playback streaming option the app crashes inmediately when started. This also prevents me to switch the option off and hence I cannot use the app at all anymore. Any suggestions?


  28. stefan sagt:

    Hi Marc,

    could you please contact me at support(at)squeezepad.com. I’d like to gather some debug info from you. Please also provide the server version you are using.
    In the meantime please
    – restart your server
    – uninstall and reinstall SqueezePad (only if restarting the server does not help).
    and see if this helps.

  29. Phillip Barnett sagt:

    Hi, I have squeezepad loaded on my ipad2, I have also purchased the play back option. Everything works fine accept BBC radio stations, all over stations seem to work ok.

    I do have a squeezebox receiver and when I use Squeezepad to operate this device all works ok including BBC stations.

    If this helps I have the use my squeezebox.com option selected within the app.

    Hope you can help,

    Many thanks


  30. stefan sagt:

    Hi Phillip,

    the playback feature is not officially supported on MySB.com. Logitech blocks that, though there is some workaround when playback was enabled via your own server.
    BBC via the Logitech App stream WMA which SqueezePad does not support (licensing fees from Microsoft for WMA cannot be justified).

    If you want to stream BBC there are multiple workarounds:
    – use a Squeezebox Server on a Windows computer: it will convert the WMA streams to FLAC automatically in the background
    – use a Squeezebox Server and install the BBCiPlayer plugin (which I think gives you even more BBC streams). This one chooses the mp3 streams from BBC.

    Hope this helps,
    Kind Regards

  31. Fredrik sagt:


    Thanks for a great app! I have just one question. When I use Airplay to play to my Mac mini (via Airserver) which is hooked up to my Denon stereo and then sync with my Squeezebox Radio in the kitchen I can’t get it to sync correctly. It’s out of sync all the time, don’t know what I do wrong. Is there a way to get it in sync?

    Kind regards,


  32. stefan sagt:

    Hi Fredrik,

    iOS unfortunately introduces high latencies/delays when streaming via AirPlay. There is no way to determine how big they are and to compensate them in the Sync protocol of the Squeezeboxes.
    You might be able to reduce the gap a little bit: enter the settings screen of your Squeezebox-Server, there go to the player (select the SqueezePad player) and then synchronisation settings.

    Here one can manually configure a “player audio delay”. Unfortunately only up to a second and I don’t know if that can compensate your AirPlay delay.

  33. Henrik sagt:

    Hi Stefan

    How can I keep the name on the Ipads, no problem tappimg the name, but next time using one of the ipads the name is gone.
    I have ryed from your application as weel from the squeezpad- server . All without any luck.

    PLS help



  34. stefan sagt:

    Hi Henrik,

    I’m afraid I don’t understand your question completely.

    Are you saying that you are having two iPads – and sometimes in the player list one iPad is disappearing?
    This has something to do with the way Apps are allowed to run on iOS. If an App is not in the foreground (or the iPad is turned off), then the is not allowed to run in the background more than 10minutes (to save battery power). This is why SqueezePad stops it’s connection to the server after about 5minutes (otherwise it would be killed by iOS anyway) and in turn disappears as a player.

    Only when an App is actually playing music it is allowed to also run in the background.

    If this wasn’t your question, please try to rephrase so that I understand it a little bit better.

    Kind Regards

  35. Frank sagt:

    Hi Stefan

    THE squeezepad app workshop absolutely great and gast on the S.B.
    Recently I bought aan Apple TV. THE remote app is Nice but much slower.
    With AirPlay in Squeezepad woud it be postille to streaming from THE slikte db to THE ATV? Could this be done somehow without violating THE Apple license?
    Or could you design à standalone version of Squeezepad to use ATV and not Squeezebox? This woud also give you à lager customer database 😉



  36. stefan sagt:

    Hi Frank,

    if you purchase the streaming part of SqueezePad and forward the stream to your AppleTV (like described in this guide), you can use the ATV like a Squeezebox (synchronization won’t work too good though).
    I know of several people that use it this way.


  37. Marcel sagt:

    es steht Musik auf meinen Ipad den ich gerne spielen mochte auf Squeezebox. Deshalb hatte ich den App gekauft. weis noch immer nicht wie dass ich dass machen muss.

    How do I play on my squeezebox music that is already on my pad?

  38. stefan sagt:

    Hi Marcel,

    you can stream from your Squeezebox-Server TO your iPad (i.e. turn your iPad into a Squeezebox / a playback device).
    SqueezePad is not able to to stream music from iPad to a Squeezebox.

  39. Christian sagt:


    Great app! But I have a question: When playing a 24 bit/96khz from itunes library, the info in squeezepad says 96khz/ 16/bit? Why? (from macbook pro, squeezebox duet, wireless)

    Thanx, Christian

  40. stefan sagt:

    Hi Christian,
    where exactly does SqueezePad show this info?

    Everything that SqueezePad shows, is provided by the server – did you check already, what the web-interface of your server is showing fo this file?

    Kind Regards

  41. Beniamino sagt:

    Hi Christian
    Who don’t you to improve squeezepad so that it could be able to stream music from ipad to the squeezebox? I.e., accuradio app on ipad si different from tha n avaiable on Squeezebox
    Than x
    Beniamino italy

  42. stefan sagt:

    Hi Beniamino,

    i guess this would drain batteries of the iPad too much. Furthermore I cannot “catch” music streams from other Apps to forward them.
    It might be possible with the songs stored directly on the iPad – but then I’d expect them to be on your NAS anyway and thus available on Squeezeboxes already?

    Kind Regards

  43. Ryan sagt:

    Hi Stefan, following on from your last comment I have logitech duet and Ipad and Apple TV can I stream music stored on iPad through the logitech system or should I just use airplay from Apple TV? Thanks in advance.

  44. stefan sagt:

    Hi Ryan,

    SqueezePad cannot stream music stored on the iPad to a Squeezebox. So the easiest solution for that would be indeed to stream the music from the iPad directly to your Apple TV:


  45. Robert-Jan sagt:

    Hallo Stefan,
    I just replaced my amplifier by a Marantz AV Receiver that is DNLA and Airplay compliant. It comes with an Apple/Android app that allows playing music (FLAC) through the receiver but it’s very basic. I checked out the DeRemote app, still doesn’t compare in any way to Squeezepad… so my question is obvious: is there a way to play music from the Logitech Media Server on my AV Receiver, controlling everything with Squeezepad?

    PS the obvious answer is to connect my squeezebox to the receiver, but the box is giving me intermittent faults so I’d prefer to do without it eventually…

  46. stefan sagt:

    Hi Robert-Jan,

    I’m afraid I’m not aware of any means to play music from Logitech Media Server on your AV receiver.
    Well that is – with version 7.8. Logitech included UPnP capabilities – but that only works the other way round: you can browse your library also on an UPnP device, but need to use one of the UPnP apps.

    So if you want to use SqueezePad you will indeed need to hook up a Squeezebox to your AV receiver.

    Kind Regards

  47. Stefan sagt:

    Hallo Stefan,
    Ich habe ein Squeezebox Touch mit spdif an ein Linn vorverstarker. Control mit Squeezpad. Möchte gerne ein Linn DS player kaufen, aber Squeezepad behalten.
    Gibt es eine Chance, dass Sie einen Plug-in entwickeln für SqueezePad und Linn DS-Geräte? Oder werd Ich SkweezyDs probieren? Damit kan ich Squeezbox device mit Linn ‘linken’.
    Meine data steht auf ein ‘vortexbox’ (Liv zen .. ebay-shop).
    Die vortexbox kann auch ein Squeezbox Gerät simulieren. Also vielleicht die vortexbox mit skweezyDs linken zum Linn? Oder wissen Sie eine einfachere Lösung?

  48. stefan sagt:

    Hi Stefan,

    derzeit gibt es keine Planungen eine App für Linn DS zu schreiben.
    Ich kenne mich im Linn Markt überhaupt nicht aus, kann da also keine Tipps geben. Am ehesten vermute ich Hilfe unter forums.slimdevices.com, ein immer noch sehr aktives Forum – bestimmt auch mit ein paar Linn Besitzern .


  49. Kim V Andersen sagt:

    What if i want to send what my IPAD is Platini, e.g. From Youtube wireless to my squeezebox? I supposition this is maling my squeezebox an airplay devise. Is there any Way of doping this?

    B.R. Kim

    P.S. Tanks for a fantastic produkt. With squeezepad, one touch, one Classic and 4 radios with battery I feel i have The Best possibile system

  50. stefan sagt:

    Hi Kim,

    I’m afraid, that this is not possible. I cannot capture a YouTube stream to send to Squeezebox.