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<<update 30.03.2011>>SqueezePad 1.7.3 has been released. This version fixes all known problems with the current beta-versions of SqueezePad. So for a limited time (i.e. until Logitech again changes something 😉 ) you can have a lot of fun again with SqueezePad even when running beta-versions of Squeezebox-Server

<<update 18.03.2011>>No time to breath: in the meantime, Logitech changed the nightly 7.6 builds drastically again:
On my test-machine when I browse an album, ALL tracks of my library are shown. Unfortunately no workaround this time. I submitted a fix for all known problems to Apple today. If you want to use SqueezePad without problems, again I have to advise to not run the nightly beta builds of Squeezebox server.<<update>>

<<update 11.03.2011>>*sigh* Unfortunately there are still changes left, that makes SqueezePad not compatible to the latest nightlies. Squeezebox-Server now sends data compressed and SqueezePad is not uncompressing the data. There is only one workaround right now: enter the settings-screen of your Squeezebox-Server, go to Advanced->Logging and activate ‘Debug’ on the ‘network.cometd’ channel. Then hit ‘Apply’.
The debuglog will force the server to send uncompressed data. The next update of SqueezePad will be able to uncompress the data itself

<<update 10.03.2011>> As of today the major bug affecting SqueezePad has been fixed in the Squeezebox-Server Nightly 1.7.5/1.6.x Beta-Download. So if you are using beta-versions you are on the safe side again

<<update 06.03.2010>> I opened a bug-report for Logitech – please follow and vote for it if interested:
I also documented a workaround on the forum:
<<original text 05.03.2011>>

This week Logitech developers changed some code that handles menus in the Squeezebox-Server in the latest development version of the Squeezebox-Server.
Unfortunately this change was not compatible to the way SqueezePad is evaluating menus, so anyone regularly running or updating unofficial beta-versions of Squeezebox-Server (7.6 or 7.5.4) will only see an empty settings menu now.

Right now I’m analysing the code changes and will decide whether I will adopt the code of SqueezePad or create a bug report for Logitechs developers.
Even if I decide to fix the issue it will still take Apple about one or two weeks to review a new version.

For now I can only advise to use the latest stable and official version 7.5.3 of the Squeezebox-Server ( – or if you still have a copy a nightly build from last week.

As you can see, running nightly beta-builds not only might affect your Squeezebox in a negative way, but SqueezePad as well.

I’ll update this blog post, when I have further information.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

14 Antworten zu “[resolved] problems with beta-versions of SqueezeBox-Server”

  1. Bob sagt:

    Thanks for the post on 7.5.4. I have had huge problems with Logitech. Version 7.5.3 was a disaster. When I tried to go back to 7.5.1, chaos ensued. Their Tier 2 support ultimately blamed the problems on my router.

    I love Squeezepad. Can’t wait till you get it working with 7.5.4.

  2. stefan sagt:

    I hope that they fix the problem soon – see the possible workaround I linked to above. One can patch some files in the squeezebox-server to revert the change that causes the problems.

  3. Wilhelm sagt:

    Hi. I had to download Squeezebox Server 7.6 because 7.5.x wouldn’t play nice with my 64 bit Linux system. Everything worked under 7.6, including remote access from other laptops using, and my duet worked with it fine. But my wife’s squeezepad app on her iPad couldn’t find the server, even when I changed its location from (the old 32-bit Win 7 server running 7.5.3) to (the 63-bit server running 7.6). Is there a chance that squeezepad will work with 7.6 in the future?

  4. stefan sagt:

    Using the latest nightly build of the server should work fine with SqueezePad. If you tap the Search-button on the settings screen, is it finding any server? Is the iPad connected via WiFi to your network?

    Don’t hesitate to write to support(at) I’m pretty sure we get your problem resolved.

  5. stefan sagt:

    Wilhelm – SqueezePad indeed is still not compatible to the latest nightlies. I updated the blog post with a workaround.

  6. Wilhelm sagt:

    Thanks, Stefan!

  7. Bartek sagt:

    App looks great, I haven’t tested it yet but I will for sure. Just gettng my iPad this month. Any chances for a SqueezePhone? 🙂

  8. stefan sagt:

    Hi Bartek,

    a SqueezePhone right now is not planned.


  9. Bartek sagt:

    Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for reply. I’m guessing SqueezePad will not work on iPhone?


  10. stefan sagt:

    Hi Bartek,
    no – SqueezePad is optimized for the resolution of an iPad,

  11. Pekka sagt:

    Great app!!

    However I have run into a couple issues. The first one is minor, it seems I can’t select the iPad as a playback device unless I actually open some menu first. The iPad just doesn’t show up on the list of devices. The other one is a bit more annoying, and I’m not sure if it’s entirely SqueezePads fault. When I select a song from a Spotify playlist (using Triodes plugin) a completely different song starts to play. But if I use the SqueezePad playlist on the right to select a track the correct one plays. Maybe shuffle has something to do with it?

    Anyways, keep up the good work, I’ve been enjoying SqueezePad a lot!

  12. stefan sagt:

    Hi Pekka,

    thanks a lot for these kind words.

    When you start SqueezePad, only then it will register at your server as a playback device. So in the first players list the server send to SqueezePad, it will not be available.
    Typically one or two seconds later the server resends the player list – this time including SqueezePlayer.
    So if you don’t see the SqueezePad player – reopening the players list a second later should be good enough.

    If you have the shuffle option activated than selecting a song in the left menu might indeed play something different. This is a Squeezebox bug – the server adds the song, then instantly reshuffles and plays something different 🙁 … I cannot do anything against – the same will happen as well with a Squeezebox Radio or Touch.


  13. Pekka sagt:

    Aah, thank you for the explanations. Not much to do but to wait for a server update then. Thanks again! 🙂

  14. Pekka sagt:

    Aah, thank you for the explanations.
    Not much to do but to wait for a server update then.

    Thanks again! 🙂