Jul 27

Logitech just released version 7.6 yesterday (in my opinion a little bit rushed, based on the forum posts and problems people have).

Anyway: some users are reporting crashs with SqueezePad (and every other iPad App) now, which I haven’t been able to reproduce myself yet.
Current investigation shows that this is related to players having a bogus playlist, so if this is happening to you, please use the web-interface to start some new song on each player as a start.

[update 01.09.2011] The latest SqueezePad version does not crash anymore with the 7.6.0 server. Also Logitech officially released 7.6.1 in the meantime, which would have fixed the problem as well [/update]

[update 27.07.2011] Logitech fixed the bug causing the crashes really fast in the meantime (see this bug-report).

You will either need to wait until Logitech releases 7.6.1 or download the new beta version tomorrow from here (please make sure, the version number is greater than 32918, today only 32905 is available)


Unfortunately such an error never turned up when trying the Betas of 7.6.

I keep you updated here if I find new information, sorry for the inconvenience.

3 Antworten zu “Problems with SqueezePad and Server version 7.6.0 (fixed in 7.6.1)”

  1. Mike Wulfsohn sagt:

    squeezepad does not launch now that i have upgraded to 7.6.
    i tried playing a new song on te web interface, and that did not help.
    using vista on a PC for the 7.6 software

  2. stefan sagt:

    Hi Mike and Bob,

    good news! – So bug is already fixed by Logitech in the next version of the server (see this bug-report: http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=17352)
    The easiest thing to-do is to download and install the latest 7.6 version nightly tomorrow (!) from here: http://downloads.slimdevices.com/nightly/?ver=7.6

    The version number must be higher than 32918 (at the time being only 32905 is available, so don’t download this one).

    Reading the comments in the bug-report this issue will happen, when a scan is running and SqueezePad (or iPeng or the Logitech App) tries to read the playlist of this player.
    So if you two still face this bug today, please make sure that no scan is running – only then start some song via the WebUI to create a new valid playlist.

    This is indeed a very fast bugfix from Logitech – good that they have their own App 😉 …

  3. bob prangnell sagt:

    I am having this crash with 7.6. I tried starting a track playing but it does not help.

    What kind of thing might be a “bogus” playlist?

    Also iPeng crashes btw.