Aug 12

Hi SqueezePad fellows,

a new version has been released to the AppStore today.

Due to popular demand I finally decided to provide buttons for shuffle & repeat on the main screen. As I never could remember what the different symbols on a Squeezebox mean, you’ll get some little helper popup to always find the correct option.
Here is a little screenshot of how it looks like:

These buttons change into ThumbsUp/Down buttons for Pandora and Love/Hate when you listen to LastFM, so you won’t need to use the context menu anymore.

SqueezePad now also renders photo galleries with really big pictures in the menu. This is very handy for the artist images of the biography plugin as you can see on these screenshots:

But also Logitech Flickr “App” and Facebook “App” will now show much bigger images in the photo gallery menus.

And finally: SqueezePad now supports switching of players: it will look out for players connected to other servers (and and renders them in the player menu.

If you tap such a player you will be asked if you want to switch this player (or all players) to your main server.

You will also find a new ‘Switch to’ option in the settings menu to left.
Please note that switching players does not work for password protected servers.

11 Antworten zu “SqueezePad 1.8.0 is ready to take off!”

  1. Jeff sagt:

    Just wanted to let you know that your app is great. I have all 3 iPad apps and yours is the one I prefer. Keep up the good work.

  2. stefan sagt:

    Hi Jeff,

    thanks for these kind words! I’d love to see that as an AppStore comment as well 🙂

  3. Jay sagt:

    Yes….Stefan’s the best…….emailed me with answers to my questions in a matter of hours with lots of ideas……..Can’t ask for more than that…..Love the software

  4. Burgh sagt:

    Since the last update the app does not work well anymore. I can not change the player, squeezepad crashes. So lets use ipeng until the prob is fixed. Hopefully ithe bug will soon be fixed, i like squeezepad…

  5. stefan sagt:

    Hi Burgh,

    I just realized that SqueezePad has a bug for people upgrading to 1.8.0 where server detection does not work (most likely when using an advanced network topography)

    There is an easy fix: please enter the settings screen of SqueezePad and reenter your server address.

    This should be fixing the crash when you try to open the player window.
    The bug will never come back after you changed it once.

  6. Falco sagt:

    Hi Stefan.

    Just updated to 1.8. Very nice new features! Didn’t even know the biography existed.

    Just one question; I have a Spotify premium account; I also purchased the ‘local player’ option. When I select Squeezepad (as the current player) and navigate to the Squeezebox Spotify app, select a tune and press play, then everything seems to works as exepected… except for the fact that there is no sound to be heard 🙁

    Is this a ‘known’ issue or am I doing something wrong?


  7. stefan sagt:

    Hi Falco,
    are you using Logitechs App or the plugin from triode to use Spotify?

    SqueezePads playback only works, when triodes plugin is installed on your server. With a 7.5 server you’ll then find Spotify under the Radios menus, with 7.6 under MyApps.

    Reason is, that Logitechs App only sends encrypted streams, triodes plugin decrypts already on the server.

  8. Falco sagt:

    Hi Stefan,

    I’m using the ‘offical’ Logitech Spotify app; can I conclude from your reply that at this point in time this will not work, and that the work-around is using the triode plugin (=


  9. stefan sagt:

    Hi Falco,

    yes – SqueezePads playback is only compatible with triodes plugin for Spotify for now and the foreseeable future.

  10. Alan sagt:

    Hi great app, but I just have one small problem.
    When I use my iPad as the player I can’t play any songs with Napster this problem is only with the iPad when playing through the squeezebox receiver Napster plays fine.
    With the iPad as the player the song plays for a few seconds before skipping to the next track and there’s no sound.
    Any help would be great, thanks

  11. stefan sagt:

    Hi Alan,

    answer is on the forum, where you asked as well: