Dec 25

Me any my family celebrated christmas with a lot of christmas songs obviously.

A good companion of course was SqueezePad, which always showed us, what was playing right now.
Doesn’t it look nice drapped up on our board?

Unfortunately I’m not the very best at taking pictures when not too much light is around – anyway I think you’ll get the spirit 🙂

I’m subscribed to one of the many streaming services, so was able to fulfill everyones christmas song wishes.
My granny was quite astonished by all the possibilities and that my ‘library’ even had old classics she used to hear on the disc record.

I don’t think she’ll buy a Squeezebox and iPad now, but she will definitely come back next year 😉

5 Antworten zu “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Marek sagt:

    Just wanted to thank you for an amazing app. Found mention of it yesterday on another site, downloaded last night and was up and running in less than 30 seconds – no kidding!
    Firstly, a great graphic to tell me the network connection choice for connecting to my NAS Logitech music server – made set-up a no-brainer. Brilliant.

    Fast – my music (albums, artists, etc) showed up so quickly, I initially thought this was a demo screen! one touch and my Squeezebox Classic was on and playing. Spectacular.

    Intuitive – of course, because you’ve created the same menu items, navigation and control is a piece of cake. It took me a few minutes to work out how to create a playlist (that was the only thing that cause me to search and think about the work-flows). Creation of Playlists is so much better than the clunky web interface – many thanks for solving the most painful task.

    Again, brilliant work in creating a natural intercafe that is fast, intuitive, better than vendor product and at a great price. My Squeezebox Classic + iPad2 is now so much better than my Squeezebox Touch. Great work. Live long & prosper guys.

  2. Chris sagt:


    I’m having trouble getting Squeezepad to scrobble to I’ve tried adjusting settings on, but it didn’t do anything. Is there a setting in Squeezepad for scrobbling?

  3. stefan sagt:

    Hi Chris,

    Scrobbling is completely handled by the Squeezebox-Server. It knows exactly what song is played on each Squeezebox.
    So if any song is not scrobbled correctly, I’m afraid you will need to ask Logitech support or

    Please also provide what music you are playing (internet radio, local music, music from some streaming service) as scrobbling might work differently for all of these.

    Kind Regards

  4. Fred Tolkamp sagt:


    I enjoy the use of the Squeezepad, but I have two questions:
    1) The font size of the track titles is for some tracks smaller than normal.
    2) the album coverage pictures are shown (left) when an artist is selected.
    Why are the album covers not shown when an artist is selected via Music Folder?

    Kind Regard,

  5. stefan sagt:

    Hi Fred,

    the fontsize is reduced for long titles to show he complete text. If I didn’t do that I had to use ellipses (…) and I try to avoid it as much as possible.
    When you browse your library via music folders, the Squeezebox server unfortunately does not provide album images. As I cannot access your library directly there is no way to retrieve the images in these menus.