Mar 17

Wow – some people already got their new iPad!

Unfortunately I’m not as fast as you, my order for the new iPad will only arrive on Monday (and I hope to catch the postman then).

I’ll then be able to see what areas of SqueezePad need improvements with the new Retina display. For instance the album art could be retrieved with twice the resolution and I’m pretty sure some icons will need some overhauling as well.

Please give me some time for the adjustments, but I’m pretty sure you’ll get an update soon!

[update 18.03.2012] I sent a first new release to Apple for review. It turned out, that most texts in SqueezePad didn’t adapt to the Retina resolution automatically. This has been fixed, lets see how fast Apple is reviewing nowaday.

[update 09.04.2012] While the first update improved the appearance of SqueezePad quite a lot, I spent some more time into improving the Retina capabilities: I’m almost finished with redrawing all icons and also the small album cover in the left menu will be retrieved in Retina resolution in the next SqueezePad version. Stay tuned!

[update 20.04.2012] the new version is out! Every corner now in high resolution – a joy for the eyes!

2 Antworten zu “What about the new iPad?”

  1. Ole sagt:

    Speaking of Retina when do you make a SqueezePod App. I love my SqueezePad but my daughter want one on her Ipod touch also that stream wimp in her ears…

  2. stefan sagt:

    Hi Ole,
    right now I don’t plan a Squeeze* App for the iPod or iPhone.

    My first Retina update was sent to Apple on the weekend, now I wait for their approval process again *sigh*