Sep 19

Just a short note: I used the last week to severely test SqueezePad under iOS6.
So far I did not find any shortcomings, looks like iOS6 is more backwards compatible than the previous iOS versions.

So as always: have a lot of fun with SqueezePad – and if you still do find anything strange, don’t hesitate to contact me directly!

On a personal note: while of course I do like the many enhancements in iOS, not having a YouTube App (the Google one is not available for some reason in Germany) is a really big downside for me.
My 2 1/2 year old son is/was able to find the YouTube App on any iPad that was given to him 😉 … and as YouTube then presented the history of videos watched (usually all of his own kids videos as I don’t use YouTube on the iPad)  it was really impressive watching him navigate YouTube like it was a no-brainer for a 2 1/2 year old toddler.

Unfortunately he isn’t able to type in the browser window yet and also the webpage isn’t as intuitive as the App. One really  really big loss for me :(.

2 Antworten zu “SqueezePad and iOS6 – seems like they like each other”

  1. JGM sagt:

    Does Squeezepad support add-in App content, specifically Rhapsody and Sirius/XM? Thanks

  2. stefan sagt:

    Hi JGM,

    as a Controller SqueezePad supports all Music Services under the “Apps” menus. The menus are provided by the server, there is no special logic needed from SqueezePads side.
    The Playback feature is not available fro Rhapsody and Sirius. Both do check, that they only have playback on real Squeezeboxes.

    Kind Regards