Oct 12

Up until now playlist management was ‘just’ the same as on a Squeezbox Touch.

But we can do a lot better of course 😀

How about this one:

You can access the playlist with the small button on the top right. Tap it or drag it – and the playlist will move into view.

Finally you can see the covers of your entries, title and artist name nicely rendered.
Use the small handles to reorder songs, swipe left or right to delete them … or just tap to select them.

Of course you can also start a context-menu with a long touch … and this is where the fun really starts. Now you can easily browse your library based on the current playlist – show songs from the same artist or the same year – read the Biography (if the corresponding plugin is installed).

Last but not least: loading, saving or clearing playlists is as easy as everything else in SqueezePad.

Along this main feature, the following things have changed as well:

  • if you change the volume or use the slider to change to song position, a small popup shows you the current and future value
  • when running against a local server, menus are now localized in the language you configured on the server. This gives access to languages like Swedish, Norwegian, Polish or Czech for most of the UI
  • rendering of menu-items with covers and long text have been improved. This improves WiMP and Napster menus very much for instance
  • rendering of cover art was improved. The aspect-ratio is not changed anymore so menus from BBCiPlayer or WiMP look much better.
Oct 01

Jeg har noen gode nyheter for alle nordmenn !

Earlier on this week it was announced that Aspiro Music’s WiMP-application is now available for SqueezeBox users in Norway.

I’m happy that SqueezePad integrates with this great service right away !
By the way SqueezePad  is the only iPad App (to my knowledge) that is able to render the covers of WiMP albums (as can be seen on the second picture).

WiMP Recommended Playlists in SqueezePad for iPad

WiMP - Top20 in SqueezePad

But it comes even better !

Though it looks quite good already there is enough room for improvement. I worked a bit on the menus and here is a preview of the next version:

WiMP reworked menu

preview of WiMP Top20 in next version of SqueezePad

As you can see images now keep their aspect-ratio. Furthermore items with a lot of text are rendered much better.
These improvements will be available to users of other services like BBCiPlayer or Napster as well.

A new version of SqueezePad will be ready in about two or three weeks.

Sep 17

So today we are going to change the looks of SqueezePad completely … how about this:

all squeezebox context menus

This new design looks so awesome – I don’t now anymore how I could even live with the old one !

So let us now observe a minute’s silence in memory of the old design – this screenshot will be the last one you see from it:

all squeezebox context menus

Aug 28

Version 1.3.0 + Authenticated Servers + Coverarts

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update: version 1.4.x is available now, which fixes the issue.

Oh dear – a gremlin sneaked into SqueezePad.

If you are using the 1.3.0 version you might get problems with all your local coverart when your server uses authentication (pictures from Internet streams don’t have any problems)
On the other hand: your iPad maybe knows your old password and still sends it to the server even with v1.3.0 (thats why I didn’t spot the bug before).

As a fast workaround I suggest turning off authentication until the next version is released (I expect 1.4.0 to be released in about two weeks).
If thats no option for you, don’t hesitate to contact me directly at ‘support(at)squeezepad.com’ and we then can think of ways to speed things up.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Aug 26

to keep up with frequent updates here is a new one, available today from the AppStore. Guess there’s cool stuff for anyone in there:

Screensafer mode: If just tap the big album art then SqueezePad switches to Screensafer mode: Huge Album Art, Huge Fonts – perfect to watch from far away.

fullscreen cover art on iPad

This mode supports both Landscape and Portrait so you can leave your iPad in the dock.
If people wouldn’t always hand around an iPad on parties *g* that would be a great addition to your next party … and if there was no ‘Home’ button we could even make this screen password protected … alas … next life maybe

MySqueezebox.com integration: On the settings screen you can now configure SqueezePad to connect to MySqueezebox.com. This makes your local-server obsolete (if you don’t use your own music library). Please Note: switching player between MySB.com and your local server isn’t supported though – you still need to switch Players directly on the device from a local server to MySB.com if needed.
So this is perfect if you use MySB.com only (or rarely) or have other means of switching players automatically (like srvpowerctrl http://code.google.com/p/srvrpowerctrl/).

Other stuff

  • the ‘Extras’ menu is hidden if you don’t have plugins that put some menu-items in there.
  • Spotify context menus now have playlist controls (like ‘Add Next’). Make sure to install the latest version of the Spotify plugin on your server to get this feature.
  • ‘Now Playing’ artwork is supported for 7.3-servers now – making life a bit nicer there. Please note that 7.3 is still not officially supported and I give no guarantee of which feature are working and which not.
Aug 20

1 month with SqueezePad

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One month with SqueezePad has passed … a month that I really enjoyed.

Not just because I like controlling my SqueezeBox on the iPad so much … more because overall I got really great reviews and enthusiastic users who like SqueezePad as much as I do.

A selection of all those voices you can read on the ‘testimonials’-page.

So who is actually using SqueezePad ?

Stats for SqueezePad

Though data from the first month of course isn’t very representative … its still interesting.
For some reason the Dutch passed the sales of every other european country … kudos to you guys !

Here the same data as a pie-chart for all information junkies … europe currently taking 66% of the market:

pie chart of iPad sales

Aug 05

SqueezePad 1.2.1 released

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Apple seems to have had a good reviewing night. SqueezePad 1.2.1 is available now on the App-Store.

This is a minor bugfix/enhancement release with the following stuff:

  • navigating back now also possible with tap on menu-title (also added icon). swiping right of course still works as a hidden feature for everyone reading the full App-Description
  • support for authenticated Squeezebox-Servers (see new options on settings-screen)
  • new settings option: prevent sleep while playing
  • playlist menu: tapping a playlist entry now jumps to this playlist entry
  • fixed bugs in Spotify + Napster menus (tapping a track didn’t start to play)
  • fixed a bug with Spotify artwork on the ‘Now Playing’ part
  • default port 9000 automatically added on settings-screen, when no other port is given
  • alarm volume menu now working
  • better rendering of network errors on the ‘server disconnected screen’
  • don’t crash on invalid Spicefly Sugarcube settings menu
  • settings screen: solved issues with (unsupported) portrait mode
  • dismissing the keyboard on the search-screen now doesn’t search with empty string

Hope you enjoy it !!
For now I need a week of Not-Programming-On-SqueezePad-In-The-Night (but support of course still is there) – then I’ll start with the next big feature ? What will it be ?

Lets see … http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=80575 … currently looks like you get a great facility for playlist management … I’ll leave the pool open for this very last week !

Jul 28

SqueezePad 1.2.0 released

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Heja – Apple finally verified the first update to version 1.2.0 which should turn up on your iPads within the next 24 hours.

This update gives you the following improvements:

  • long touch a menu-item brings up the context menu (if available) – this allows you for instance to put songs/albums to the end of the current playlist, but also do all the other nice stuff thats hidden behind the context menus
  • long touch the big album art on the right also brings up the context menu for the current playlist item
  • album and artistlist now have an index for faster navigation
  • you can see the current playlist for the current player under ‘my music’ (it’s the playlist menu as known from the Squeezebox-Touch). There you can also clear and safe the current playlist.

The next version 1.2.1 will be a bugfix/minor enhancement release to be submitted to Apple on 1st of August (add 10 days until Apple reviewed it):

  • Play on Spotify menus will work (with high probability this also solves the same problem with Napster menus)
  • support for authenticated servers
  • you’ll have a setting option to prevent your iPad to sleep when you watch a playing device
  • alarm volume can be changed
  • no problems with portrait mode and the settings screen anymore
  • a short tap on the menu title will go one menu up (if you don’t like the swipes)
  • selecting an item in the playlist will jump to this item (forgot that on the last release, sorry)

Don’t forget to vote for the next wanted feature – in about two weeks I’ll be starting development on the next bigger feature:

Jul 20

SqueezePad released !

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So finally Apple has reviewed my first version of SqueezePad !

It’s available on the AppStore now which makes me very proud and I’m waiting for the things to come.

This first version focuses on provided the original SqueezeBox-menus and big coverarts.
Context menus are already implemented and just wait for Apples next approvals … see you in two weeks 😀 !