FAQ / Support

How can I get support for SqueezePad ?

There are different ways on how you can get support for SqueezePad:

  • write to support(at)squeezepad.com
  • come over to the SqueezeBox™ forums where I’ll be watching the following thread.

Also don’t forget to read the following headings, maybe your question is answered already ?

I upgraded to a new iPad and now the Playback feature is gone. How can I enable it again without paying?

The AppStore remembers all purchases. Just hit the ‘Buy’ button for the Playback feature in SqueezePad again.
If you use the same iTunes account as before, you won’t be charged twice but get a message that you already bought the item.

This is the same as with Apps from the AppStore that you can redownload any time, even if you have deleted them in the meantime.

Unfortunately the AppStore only realizes after you entered your credentials that the purchase was already made and as an App developer one cannot do better, then to render the ‘Buy’ button first.

What Squeezeboxes are supported

If you run one of the supported server versions (7.4.x up to 7.7.x at the time of writing) or are using MySqueezebox.com, then every Squeezebox (starting with the first ‘SliMP3’ and ending with the latest Squeezebox Touch) is supported by SqueezePad.
Also all software players (SqueezePlay, SoftSqueeze, SqueezeSlave) can be controlled with SqueezePad.

The in app purchase is not working

You need also make sure, that in app purchases are activated on your iPad (can be disabled in the settings).

After you hit the ‘Buy’ button, communication with the AppStore goes on (actually the AppStore is taking control over SqueezePad while buying). Sometime this takes some time, so wait some seconds of you don’t get an immediate response.

On most jailbroken iPads InApp-purchases don’t work unfortunately. This is because a jailbreak typically invalidates some of Apples Certificates needed to do InApp-purchases. I’m afraid you need to google around to see if there are workarounds.

What should I configure as the ‘Local Squeezebox Server URL’ on the settings screen ?

If you never installed a Squeezebox Server on some computer, just ignore this option and turn on the  ‘Use MySqueezebox.com’ option.

If you have a local server in 90% of cases it will be detected automatically with the latest version of SqueezePad. Anyway – as a reference: ask your Logitech Device – it will tell you the necessary data:

Just go to the menu ‘Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Squeezebox Information -> Squeezebox Server’ and you will be presented the necessary data (IP and HTTP-Port).
For the screenshot above (taken from a Controller but it’s the same for all other devices) you would configure ‘’ as the server URL, so that’s quite easy once you know where to look !

Please note: if this IP regularly changes you can configure your router to provide a static IP to your server. Please contact support and I can give further instructions.

What’s your future plan for SqueezePad ?

I’m planning to continue ongoing development on SqueezePad. My philosophy is to create and publish small usable increments of every new feature – this gives you the chance to give early feedback and you might even influence on how some features are finished.  Good software development lives from trying things out (opposed to planning everything upfront for years) and I want you to be part of this process.

You can even vote to influence my priorities for the next bigger feature here.

Will future upgrades be for free ?

All ‘normal’ updates from Apple are for free.
The next feature updates will be all for free, currently I don’t have plans for other InApp purchases.