Some selected reviews from the App-Stores around the globe:


“I have been using this app for a couple of months now and it is becoming by far my favorite way of controlling squeezeboxes. The local playback recently introduced in nthe latest version works flawlessly on my system and is a real advantage over competitor products. The interface is intuitive and album art looks superb. Great product – strongly recommended.”

“This thing keeps on getting better and better and better… If you own a SqueezeBox and an iPad, you must buy this app! I have compared all available iPhone & iPad SB controller apps… There is no comparison as far as usability goes. If you want a stable, usable, intuitive app that you will not have to learn a new paradigm for, this is the one you want… Highly recommended.”

I can’t say enough good things about this app. I’ve been a Squeezebox and Transporter user for the last four years and this is the type of app I always wanted. I purchased the Squeezebox controller a couple of years ago and rarely used it, since it was slow and hard to read. This app is worth every penny. Just buy it and enjoy the music!

I must agree with the other reviews; it really renewed the life of my squeezebox. I haven’t used it in a year after setting it up throughout my house. I was beginning to want to get sonos. After installing this app, I have been using squeezebox every day and in my opinion the functionality is equal to sonos.

Squeezepad is exactly what I was looking for to control my Squeezebox Radio. I had been trying to get by with the web server interface via Safari, but the layout, frames, and buttons are not iPad friendly (it is barely mouse friendly too). Our Radio is hooked up to our home intercom system to give us whole house audio. Now I can be anywhere in the house and easily and fully control the Radio. No more trying build a big playlist sitting at the computer, or running back downstairs to adjust things.

If you own an iPad and a squeezebox, you owe it to yourself to buy this app! I love my squeezebox, but there are newer devices out there that were starting to look more appealing. SqueezePad has renewed the life of an aging gadget, and for a fraction of the cost!

The latest version fixes some obscure problems a few folks had in the last version and retains all the good stuff. Big beautiful cover art images, lots of options and features, but at the core a simple comprehensive interface that leaves all other ipad solutions in the dust.”

Brilliant! Perfect, clean, simple… After being disappointed in the competition, I stumbled across SqueezePad by accident. This is just what I was looking for… The best $$$ I’ve spent on an iPad app… Highly recommended!


“An essential app for every squeezebox owner with an iPad. A nice simple interface mixed with killer features. The upgrades come thick and fast and you can even vote for what is added next at the slimdevices forum. Support is great too although you hardly need it with the auto set-up. I just loaded it up and it worked straight away.”

“The Best Just Got Better. Another release of what was already an excellent program. I’ve tried several similar programs (on the iPad and other platforms), and for me this is by far the best application for managing Squeezebox Server devices. It’s vastly superior to the web interfaces provided by Logitech. Excellent performance and packed with features, particularly the new player option.”

Simple and elegant. A very convenient way to control Squeezebox players from an iPad. Using the same menu structure as the Squeezebox devices keeps the learning curve shallow. Very nice.

this app has always been good, the new upgrade takes it to a whole new level, infact it’s just gone pro I’d say. If logitech were bothering with an app I doubt it would look this good. the functionality is also improved, not that it was bad before but its now very slick. if you have squeezebox and an iPad you should not be without this app. There appear to be further updates on the way so things are looking very good for the future.”


“Just a MUST have app if you have a squeesbox setup at home”

A great app for the ipad to control your squeezeboxes.
I have been running ipeng for a long time on my iphone and it has worked great, however i been wanting an app for my ipad as well.
The ipeng do work on ipad but it looks not great.
I first hesitated before bying this app because of the pricing but i just say its well worth every penny.
I have some 120000+ songs, all in flac, and it can handle my large music library without any problem.
For now this is the best app if you have squeezebox, highly recommended!


This is the missing link in the SqueezeBox family. Finally a big screen, full titles and all comfort right from the iPad. Great work.


The iPad seems to be a natural fit for use as a remote control, with plenty of space for a mix of controls, menus and info. SqueezePad makes a good attempt at exploiting these possibilities for controlling the Logitech range of Squeezebox devices in an intuitive and accessible way. Whilst there is clearly scope for more development to come in future revisions, in particular in the area of playlist management, this is entirely usable as an everyday remote. Given it’s superiority in usability – even in this first release – to Logitech’s Controller, if you already have an iPad and use one or more Squeezeboxes, then this is money well spent


Werkt perfect. Totaal geen problemen met afspelen op de Squeezebox radio en IPad. Synchronisatie werkt geweldig, op de iPad het geluid volledig synchroon met je andere squeezebox apparaten.

Voor de bezitters van een Logitech Squeezebox is dit programma echt een must. Werkt perfect, goed overzicht van de stations en je muziek mappen. Ik heb hem nu gekoppeld aan mijn Squeezebox radio en Duet. Mijn advies: niet twijfelen maar downloaden die handel!

Perfect!!! This app works great! Thnx keep up the good work!


Insanely good. This app has gone thru so much improvement from what was originally a good ap to start with. The latest “play on iPad” feature works like a charm. Where is there left to go?????

I’ve paid for all of the apps for iPad and iPhone, this simply is the best. I’ve got no association with the developer, I’m just saying how it is. From stilly in Adelaide SA 🙂